Retraining for Tech: How to Get Started

With mass redundancies rolled out over the last few years, could it be time you upskilled in tech?

The technological revolution is well and truly under way. In a few generations time, when we are dead and gone, the world will remember this period in a similar way to how we remember the rollout of the colour television, or the massive computer monitor days. We are a blip in time on the human races’ path to full technological assistance. However, a glowing tech future is only going to be possible if we have the experts that make it happen. And right now, we don’t.

There is a Digital Skills Gap in Progress in 2022

Right now, we have a massive digital skills gap that is slowly closing. As the new generations emerge, raised on iPads and tablets, we will fill this gap with the tech minded. At the moment, and for the next few years, we are facing this gap between what Millennials and Boomers are capable of learning, and what companies need to advance and evolve.

A great example of this is in Data Analytics. Every day, large scale corporations attract thousands of interactions with consumers and other businesses. Each time they interact, it adds a digital record to the masses of information that the company accumulates, day-on-day. A data analyst role involves interpreting this data, presenting it in a readable format, finding issues as a result, and presenting theoretical solutions back the firm in question. Without data analysts, the pile of information becomes useless. The information is lost. At the moment, there are far more companies than there are experienced data analysts to process all that information.

How To Profit From the Digital Skills Gap

Let’s be honest, we’re talking about profiteering from this gap. The tech savvy among us ought to be retraining for a career in one of the many roles we are short-handed in. The best way to get started with a tech career as someone who has training, is to browse the jobs over at If you don’t have training, however, here’s what you need to do.

Retraining in Tech

To retrain in tech, start with a basic computing qualification, or a qualification in the area of computing which you want to partake in. It could be computer programming, it could be coding, it might be business IT, or a similar course.

Once you have your basic course qualification, you can progress onto gathering other skills. If you want to go into software development or DevOps, you need to know about coding languages. Learning Python or C++ as additional skills can set you apart for those positions. Adding Microsoft Excel, WordPress, or JAVA knowledge can all get you noticed.

When you retrain in tech, think about new software systems as additional course modules. Once you learn how to use them, they open up unseen doors for your career. Collect them like gold flakes to progress onto higher paid roles.

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