Text Marketing and Conversational Messaging Can Help Reach Gen Z

Generation Z makes up a significant portion of the population, and as time goes on, they will make up a greater percentage of potential consumers. Gen Z refers to people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. As they get older, the amount of disposable income they have will increase as well. Many brands are starting to realize that their average audience member’s age is getting younger, but in reality, Gen Z is simply getting to the age where they can purchase goods and services.

In addition to focusing on how much money Gen Z is spending, it’s important to think about how best to reach them. Platforms like Mitto have shown that SMS campaigns that use conversational messaging can be an effective way to reach Gen Z. Running an effective text marketing campaign can make a significant difference in conversion rates, and solutions like Mitto are the perfect demonstration of that.

Why Gen Z Likes Text Marketing From Its Favorite Brands

Research studies have consistently shown that younger consumers, including members of Gen Z, prefer text messages over other forms of communication, such as email, from their favorite brands. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, Gen Z grew up with text messaging as a way to communicate with family members and friends, so its members are perfectly comfortable using text messages to communicate with their favorite brands as well.

Second, text messaging is generally shorter, more direct, and to the point. Gen Z doesn’t have to worry about reading a wall of text when they open a text message. Finally, it’s often easier and quicker to open a text message than an email, providing more flexibility and versatility for the recipient.

Omnichannel messaging, as well as SMS campaigns, is a great way to communicate with target markets, including Gen Z.

SMS Campaigns for Gen Z Can Be Flexible and Versatile

There are plenty of ways brands can use SMS campaigns to make an impression on Gen Z. For example, text marketing can include text reminders as a part of retargeted marketing. Brands can use SMS campaigns to send nudges to their recipients about products that might have been left in an online cart. Text reminders can also be used to let people know about a sale that is going on.

SMS conversational messaging can also include customer service. Many members of Gen Z prefer using text messages to access customer service representatives. They don’t have to stop everything they’re doing to interact with a customer service agent, and they don’t have to worry about struggling to understand someone over the phone.

Surveys can also be an important part of omnichannel messaging. In many cases, members of Gen Z are more likely to respond to a survey if it’s sent via text message instead of email. Surveys are often shorter and to the point, so SMS surveys can be a great way to collect more information about a target market.

Conversational Messaging Via SMS Is Hyperpersonalized and Authentic

Just as customer bases have expanded geographically, they’ve also expanded in terms of age. Gen Z is an important demographic for brands worldwide, and it can be a challenge to communicate with them on an authentic, personal level.

Solution providers like Mitto offer access to the tools that can make an authentic SMS campaign much easier. Members of Gen Z are on their phones all the time. Text marketing provides an instant line of communication right to their pockets. However, brands need to think about how they can use this tool to increase their conversion rates.

Generally, the tone has to be professional but casual. Remember that text messaging is supposed to sound laid-back without losing the tone or meaning of the message. Abbreviations should be used sparingly, and emojis must be chosen carefully. Striking the right tone is essential in getting someone to respond.

Writing personal, authentic messages for one person is pretty straightforward — but sending them out en masse while retaining that authentic feel is a much greater challenge. Look for an organization like Mitto that can provide brands with a variety of tools that enable automation without losing that authenticity. This can help brands save a tremendous amount of time while still communicating effectively with Gen Z.

Today, brands and companies that can evolve right next to Gen Z and millennials will retain a significant competitive advantage in the current business environment.

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